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If you are over the age of 24, live your life fervently rooted in the Word of God and have a strong desire to minister to our local youth, we could use your help!  Below are some of the many areas that we are needing assistance with.  Please call Captain Glenn Herriman at (239) 269-7625 if you have talents in any of these areas and would like to get involved with the Gulf Coast Skimmers outreach.

Costumes: Buys, sews and creates, repairs, and launders costumes.

Ski Equipment: Makes skis, fix and repair equipment.

Ropes: Makes ropes, leaders and repairs ropes.

Props: Creates and makes props, maintains and repairs.

Music/sound: Tapes and mixes music maintains sound system, trains others

To run sound and sets up sound system.

Showmanship: Training of showmanship, presentation of skiers, boat and

dock personnel.

Shepherds: Runs dock crews, ski pickup, and assists in pre-show setup and


Skits/creative: Creating and developing new skits and routines.

Skier scheduling: Responsible for practice and show schedule, changes and

Additions to show.

Skier Training: Identifies skier’s skill level and encourages and guides skiers to

Learn new skills and acts to ski them safely and proficiently. 

Driver Training: Develops and teaches driver skills in pulling acts safely and

Proficiently with the highest level of professionalism.