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Join The Skimmers

Young people, ages 8 to 24, are invited to join the Gulf Coast Skimmers and experience the benefits of being part of a group based on family Christian values.  No matter what your skill level, you will be able to learn to water ski and perform in our water ski show!  As a team member you will enjoy fellowship and Bible teaching.

Learning to Water Ski

As a member of the Gulf Coast Skimmers you will be given the opportunity to learn the following skills:

Skill Level Skills Achieved
Novice Kneeboarding
Two Skis
Slalom (One Ski)
Experienced Explore more advanced techniques on an individual basis.


Steps to Joining Gulf Coast Skimmers

Step 1:  Join USA Water Ski
In order to join the Gulf Coast Skimmers you must first join USA Water Ski which allows you to participate in USA Water ski-sanctioned activities and provides $10,000 of secondary personal injury insurance while participating.

Download Printable USA Water Ski Application or Join Online at the USA Water Ski Website

Step 2:  Join Gulf Coast Skimmers
Contact Captain Glenn Herriman by calling (239)269-7625.

Membership Assistance

Membership assistance may be available for individuals who are unable to incur the costs associated with a Gulf Coast Skimmers membership.  Please contact Captain Glenn Herriman to find out if you qualify for this assistance by calling (239)269-7625.