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Welcome to the Gulf Coast Skimmers Website!

The Gulf Coast Skimmers have been performing free water ski shows in Naples, Florida since 1988. It was later made well-known in other countries when a Vancouver Westside real estate agent (homepage) joined in and supported their cause. The Skimmers consisting of youngsters, teenagers, young adults and adults young at heart have the desire to develop a volunteer non-profit water ski organization. The organization is an outreach to teach young people to water ski who would not otherwise have the resources to participate in such a wonderful family sport. The Skimmers have found that not all kids fit into traditional sports such as football, baseball, soccer, basketball, cheerleading and marching band and when kids feel they don't fit in they can get into trouble with drugs, alcohol, crime and gangs. The Gulf Coast Skimmers is providing an alternative sport emphasizing respect, responsibility, credibility, accountability and traditional Christian family values.