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Frequently Asked Questions

How Deep is Lake Avalon?
The average depth is 24 feet.  It is a man-made 60 acre lake, dug over 30 years ago to build many of the county's roads and is spring fed.

What kind of fish are in Lake Avalon?
There are bass, brim, snook, and even tarpon have been seen over the years.  And yes, there are alligators in the lake.  They are monitored closely and are trapped by our local trapper.

If it rains, does the show go on?
Yes, as long as their is no lightning and you want to sit in the rain.  We have performed for as few as fifteen people

How long does the show last?
The show is approximately 90 minutes, with a 5-minute intermission.

Are there refreshments available?
Our concession stand is open 30 minutes before the show and throughout the performance.  It offers a selection of soft drinks, water, packaged snacks and novelty items.

Do the Skimmers receive any funding from Collier County?
No.  All funding for the kids program comes from your generous donations.