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About Us

Gulf Coast Skimmers is an outreach program of First Assembly Ministries, is dedicated to taking the children of Collier County off the streets and protecting them from gangs, drug, alcohol, wild parties and pornography.  We teach them the sport of water skiing and incorporate them into a Cypress Garden look alike water-ski show.  This is a tremendous tool for building a child's self-esteem.  Always, there is a strong emphasis on teaching traditional Christian family values.  The program has been a turning point in the lives of many children to go on to graduate from college and begin professional careers.


Captain Glenn Herriman

Captain Glenn Herriman started water-skiing career at age 13 in Oxford, Michigan in 1970, he was appointed chairman of the Lansing YMCA camp and started a water-skiing, sailing and horseback-riding program.  After selling his Volkswagen dealership, pastoring a church and moving to Naples, Glenn became a U.S. Coast Guard captain and led charters for the Ritz and Registry hotels.  At Florida Gulf Coast University, a state in university in Fort Myers, he helped begin the first water-ski program, which is currently rated one of the top eight in the State of Florida.  Glenn holds the highest level of water-ski instruction by the USA Water-ski Association.  He became director of the Gulf Coast Skimmers in January 2004.


John V. Gursoy

In 1988, John V. Gursoy founded and continued to cultivate the Gulf Coast Skimmers as a volunteer outreach to teach young people to water-ski who would not otherwise have the resources to participate in such a wonderful family sport.  John worked with the Collier County Board of Commissioners and caring citizens such as Naples residents Herb and Peg Sugden who donated much time and effort to the program, as well as funding for the park and the beautiful amphitheater that patrons use to view the water-ski show.